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This Special Edition SWII was designed in collaboration with Do Good Shit and inspired by the infamous Mount Everest, which stands as an emblem for what humankind is capable of when we put our minds to it. It also serves as a humbling reminder of the of sheer power of nature and the delicate balance between enjoying the wild and respecting it.


These watches were created as a tribute to mountaineering, the mountain itself, the Everest community, and their local culture and meant to inspire you all to get outside, get involved, and work together to do good for your community and the planet.


Each individually numbered watch features a reminder to Do Good Sh*t etched on the commemorative case back alongside an image of Everest, a black castor oil bio-plastic case, a 22mm white rPet strap with inspirational Tibetan prayer flag mantras, images of Everest and its geographical coordinates, and a strap tag featuring the 5 Tibetan prayer flag colors that traditionally represent the 5 elements of nature.


Solar watch movement continually charges in both natural and artificial light.


We love our planet! Our sustainable packaging is made from 100% recycled paper + non-toxic inks. As a 1% For the Planet Partner, we're committed to donating 1% of all our sales to our charity of choice, Do Good Shit.


- Solar powered movement

- Bio-plastic, 42mm case

- rPet fabric strap, 22mm

- 10 ATM

- Hardened mineral crystal lens


Good planets are hard to find and we’re determined to do our part to take care of this one. So we set out to create an eco-friendly watch brand that puts our planet and the people who live on it, at the forefront of our promise. Our watches are timeless, fun, durable, crafted from sustainable materials, and intended to inspire people to get outside and get their adventure on. We only have one life, let’s make the most of it.


All of our watches are solar powered and continually charge in natural and artificial light... think sunlight, moonlight, flashlight, candlelight... you name it, our watches charge in it. And when fully charged, our watches boast a 4-6 month power supply. This means you don't have to replace a battery every few months, which frees up landfills and eliminates toxic materials from production.


Our watch cases are crafted from castor oil-based bio-plastic (no petroleum here, folks!) or 85% recycled stainless steel, which means it's better for you and better for the planet.


Every year, more than 22 billion water bottles wind up in landfills. By crafting our rPet watch straps from recycled plastic bottles, we're diverting them from the landfill and giving them a sleek new life of adventure with you.

As a 1% for the Planet Partner, we're committed to donating 1% of all our sales to environmental causes.

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