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One Eleven: Field Watch & Hiking Watches - 111 Watches

Get Outside & Soak Up The Sun With One Eleven Hiking Watches

We know that like us, you too work hard and live for the free and unstructured days of the weekends. You probably also appreciate the great outdoors, and have a healthy sense of obligation to preserving it. That's why we've created a collection of hiking watches to complement your adventurous spirit. It's also why the hiking watches you'll find in our collection are made with solar powered movements, ensuring that you never have to recharge or replace any batteries. And do you know what that means? Less waste, less environmental impact and a win for Mother Earth.

One Eleven Field Watches: An Accessory You'll Want To Take Outside

Like the mountainscapes, seasides and skylines that fuel our passion for exploring, One Eleven solar-powered hiking watches are made to fuel your sense of adventure. And because they're equal parts rugged and refined, you'll feel great about wearing them out on the trail and into your next important meeting—plus everywhere in between. We take our name from the 111 kilometer distance between each of the planet's parallels of latitude, and our logo from the northern arrow that sets the orientation on every map. We take our inspiration from the great outdoors, and see it as an endless source of inspiration that fuels our passions. When you buy a One Eleven field watch or one of our hiking watches, you're not only sharing in our love for being outdoors but also adding a dependable and truly sustainable timepiece to your collection. And we think that's worth celebrating.

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