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Urban Adventure - Enjoying the Great Outdoors From the Heart of the City

Posted on December 20 2017

Urban Adventure - Enjoying the Great Outdoors From the Heart of the City

Getting active in the great outdoors doesn't always have to mean a long road trip to experience pristine nature. More and more people are taking advantage of the green spaces and natural facilities right in their home towns to get in shape, recharge the soul, and catch up on some sunshine. Take advantage of that natural solar energy and explore the urban landscape around you, which will add a brand new level of fitness and adventure to your life, right in the heart of the city. Your world is waiting.

All in for Urban Hiking

Cities across the country are setting aside wilderness areas right inside city limits and designating their use for hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts. From the golden Santa Monica Mountains rising over Los Angeles to the wooded splendor of Inwood Hill in Manhattan, even the largest urban areas in the country sport natural areas that allow hours of pure hiking exhilaration. So get a good city map and dig in a little deeper, because what you find right outside of your doorstep just might amaze you!

A Two-Wheeled Lifestyle

As more and more people realize that a car-dependent lifestyle is draining their wallets, the good old-fashioned bike — one of the best ways to stay physically fit — is coming back in style. Not just metropolitan areas, but small towns all across America are seeing a dramatic rise in bicycle use. Bikes are a great cardio vascular workout that can be used as an alternative commute to work and school. Designated bike trails in cities and parks, as well as the new "rails-to-trails movement", transforming old railway lines into modern bike lines and walking paths that open up more and more urban space to two-wheeled adventurers, and right now is the best time to join in!

Meet-Ups and More

From joining outdoor oriented Meetup groups in your city to signing up for group hikes with The Outbound, there are many ways to savor natural adventures in your community. The advantages of teaming up and joining a group can include cost savings on transportation, garnering valuable information, having safety in numbers, and the opportunity to make new friends! So team up and get going — the world and all its natural wonder is nearer than you think when you join an outdoor group devoted to urban exploration.

With these options, you have the essentials needed to start embracing your next urban adventure.

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