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Tacos Beers Baja

Posted on July 25 2018

Tacos Beers Baja

Nothing happens the way you expect on a Baja trip. Something that always should...are wheelies. We kept it pretty loose on this one. We loaded the trucks with bikes and boards and left the crowded highways of Southern California for the empty trails of Mexico. The crew was pretty stacked with talent and looking for any reason to get some dirt in our smiles.

Two days in Baja. Bikes, beers, boards, fishing for dinner. Living the dream. We checked some well-known haunts and tried to break a little trail ourselves by sneaking just inland on the bikes and definitely scored.

As soon as you cross the border, tacos should be first on the agenda. If not, you’re blowing it. We have our favorites that push up against some fun little breaks and found the perfect spot to mow through our first taco and beer session. (No drinking and riding! Thanks mom.)

Surf was pretty flat at first so we opted to hop back onto the bikes and stretch our legs out on a ranch road that wound out towards wine country. You really have to watch for barbed wire fences strung across trails around here. That’s a surprise no one wants!

Getting down here with bikes that are older than most of the people on the trip, it’s not a question of if, but when one will take a dive on us. We were scooping sand out of everything and laid a few over for sure. You know what they say, ride ‘em in, walk ‘em out.

We hit the dunes, and as expected the 1984 two-stroke bike blew a piston. That was our signal to get the boards out and jump in further south. We decided to just deal with it later…

We went down with the new silicone-band collection from One Eleven and they really make the perfect watch for the water. Solar powered, and comfortable, even with a wetsuit on.

If you haven’t spent much time down this way, it really is a special place. There’s nothing like a day spent in the sun and dinner on the beach. We packed a couple rods and Hawaiian slings. Kai went out to the kelp patties and snagged a couple for everyone.

Two days of ripping is pretty much the best way to spend a weekend anywhere. When it’s on a Mexican beach with a solid crew, you’re stoked. We can’t wait to get back as soon as possible. Maybe we can leave with all the bikes running next time...right.

See you out there!

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Talent & Production
Ian Bishop: @feeshboy
Cory Cottrell: @cocostache
Kai Diaz: @kaidiaz
Zach Hansen: @_zghansen
Gabriel Herrera: @gbeas13
Dustin Keoni: @dustinkeoni
Forrest Minchinton: @forrestminchinton
Monti Smith: @mounce
Ale Uzarraga: @aleuzarraga

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