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Posted on November 15 2017


From the way they are manufactured, to each company’s contributions that improve our world, these eco-friendly hiking accessories are sure to reduce your carbon footprint while giving you a sense of style.

Sustainable Backpacks

The family at Fjällräven has been at this for almost 6o years, its product ranges span from your basic day hike to your more aggressive camping endeavors. Creating manufacturing processes that reduce CO2 emissions by 90% to contributing time and money to help the local wildlife, the company's goal of sustainability has always come first. From the Foldsack No. 1

that uses Fjällräven's patented G-1000 fabric to the Kaipak Tech Series with its strong wooden frame, there is something for everyone here.

Recyclable Water Bottle

Hydration is a must whenever you're out for a hike, and to reduce your overall weight in the pack, a plastic bottle is usually preferred.  Nalgene has been producing plastic bottles made from Tritan, a BPA free material that is a recyclable plastic ensuring you do not contribute to landfills.  The lightweight bottles allow you to stay hydrated on the trail while keeping your pack manageable and your back, pain free.

Solar-Powered Flashlight

From a bear attack to getting lost in the woods, the words “always be prepared” have never rung more true.  Having the Torch 250 Flashlight with you for even the simplest of treks is never a bad idea.  The guys at Goal Zero are creating solar-powered flashlights that not only harness the power of the sun, but charge your phone at the same time.  Goal Zero inspires you to live the Solar Life and speaks to the design and function of all of its products.

Eco Apparel

tentree is focused on improving the world around us.  The idea is simple, you buy its product, and a team of local not-for-profits around the globe plant ten trees.  With manufacturing processes that include cork, hemp, organic cotton and recycled polyesters, this brands moniker of paying it forward is one of the strongest we’ve ever seen and offers 100% visibility into what it does.  Although it has an entire catalog of sustainable products, we are partial to Tentree's hat collection, in particular the thicket, a flex-fitting hat made from organic cotton.

Hiking is one of the best ways to get out and enjoy the outdoors. The team at One Eleven is dedicated to leaving Earth better than we found her so we encourage you to make smarter choices with your gear and your lifestyle.  

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