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Infamous Everest

Posted on October 04 2019

Infamous Everest

Mount Everest needs no introduction. It is the largest, most infamous mountain in the world, and stands as an emblem for what humankind is capable of when we put our minds to it. It also serves as a humbling reminder of the sheer power of nature and the delicate balance between enjoying the wild and respecting it.

For mountaineers, like our friends at Team Intrepid, the symbolism of Mount Everest is bigger. It is the ultimate call to adventure, an unmatched challenge of physical and mental strength, and also a constant reminder of the importance of teamwork and partnerships in alpinism. Unlike other mountains where it's technically possible to summit alone, Everest demands strong teams and unwavering partnership, not just between mountaineers but also between the climbers and the local community. To put it simply, climbing Everest is not possible without the Sherpa community that supports it. And they deserve to have their livelihood protected. And that starts with the climbers, who need to take care of the mountain itself and also raise awareness for the fact that alpine regions require care and support from those who frequent it. This is why Team Intrepid has started their charity Do Good Shit. And while they're making a difference as best they can in every park they visit, they're hoping to instigate the biggest changes with Mount Everest. Why start big? Because when you start with a mammoth-like Everest, it sets an example for how to protect the rest of the mountains on earth.

After talking to Team Intrepid about their latest Everest expedition and seeing their imagery, we were inspired to create the Everest Collection. These special edition watches were created as a tribute to mountaineering, the mountain itself, and the local community that supports it and meant to inspire you all to get outside, get involved, and work together to do good for your community and the planet.

Each individually numbered watch features a reminder to Do Good Sh*t etched on the commemorative case back alongside an image of Everest. The watch also takes inspiration from traditional Tibetan prayer flags and honors the 5 elements of nature through prayer flag colors and a traditional Tibetan mantra scrawled on the sustainable rPet strap.

Our goal with the Everest Collection is to inspire you all to do your part to take care of our planet and our people, by doing good shit.

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