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Je t’aime One Eleven

Posted on October 30 2018

Je t’aime One Eleven


Any time you get in France is sure to leave you with a deeply romantic feeling. Pairing some of the best food and wine you’ll ever taste with little peelers in front of a castle is a rare experience. Then adding in some of the best longboarders from France, combined with those traveling from California, and you’ve found yourself at the end of the road in surf nirvana. We hit the Biarritz famous coast line with JJ Wessels and his lovely wife Natalie to soak up the good energy and find some new, unfamiliar places.




We were in town for a fun event called “Wheels and Waves,” which features the best in vintage European motorcycle builds and racing, surfing, art, live music, skating, and of course, plenty of wine. JJ and Natalie don’t imbibe in the adult grape juice, but they were definitely drunk on waves.



Testing out the new Silicone band collection in the water is always a blast. It’s super comfortable and is consistently powered 100% by the renewable energy from the sun. We took it from the coast to the track, jumping on some bikes much older than we are to rip around in the mud at the Deus Swank Rally as part of the event.



Check the video here to time travel to Biarritz and soak up some of the surf vibes.


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Production & Talent:

JJ Wessels @jjwessels_

Natalie Wessels @natalienicolewessels


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