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Posted on August 30 2019


Introducing the Do Good Shit Collection of solar powered watches from One Eleven. In an effort to raise awareness about the impact of human waste on Mount Everest and other alpine regions across the globe, we joined forces with our friends over at Do Good Shit to create two limited edition solar powered watches that literally celebrate everything poop related.

Basically, we made a shitty watch. But why?!

Mount Everest needs no introduction. It is iconic in the mountaineering world and stands as an emblem for what people can do when they put their minds to it. And now it’s more accessible than ever. We’re talking 20,000+ visitors per year. And more people means more human waste. Yep, we’re talking about poop - and lots of it. More than 26,000 pounds of human waste are dumped at Everest’s Basecamp annually, with nowhere to go but down and that’s not good. It not only has a massive impact on the fragile environment of Mount Everest but risks the health of the local population.

One Eleven and DGS are working together to raise awareness for the problem, contribute to a solution, and inspire people to do good. To preserve the beauty of this iconic landmark, action is required to implement long-term sustainable solutions that ensure the safe disposal of this increasing environmental and human health hazard.

Deuce, number 2, dump, log, poop, loaf... no matter what you call it there's no denying we have an affinity for the loveable poop emoji. Yes, we went there. No, this is not a joke. From a ""Deuce"" embossed brown leather strap to the mountain of shit icons to the highlighted numero 2 and the poop emoji icon patterns, we went all out to inspire you all, to give a shit about shit.

The purchase of these watches (and all other One Eleven solar powered watches) allows us join the effort in a direct way. 1% of all proceeds from One Eleven sales will go to our charity of choice, Do Good Shit, who is working hard to ensure change happens. We hope this solar powered watch encourages you to get outside and enjoy the outdoors with the respect it deserves.

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