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Posted on December 15 2019


TEST No. 1: Corcovado, Chile.



Sometimes the best adventures are the ones where nothing goes according to plan and everything that could go unexpectedly wrong, does. Such was the case when Team Intrepid set off for Corcovado National Park in Chile in an attempt to field test the new Field Watch No.1. We designed and built the Field Watch with adventure and expedition in mind and the goal of this trip was to ensure that the watch was durable enough to handle anything that nature (and Team Intrepid) could throw its way.




Naturally, nature started hurling curve balls at Team Intrepid on the very first night of the trek when they awoke to a midnight open ocean storm of epic proportions that left them, and their field watches, soaked and scrambling to find and set up their tents. Day 2 wasn’t much better. As they trekked through the forest, their packs and skis catching on just about anything and everything, it started to rain. Again. And we mean rain. The guys were soaked to the bone. Their packs were wet, their tents were wet, their sleeping bags were wet, their watches were wet, and the rain showed no signs of slowing down, which meant the threat of hypothermia was real. Once again, they managed to macgyver their way out of the situation - and their watches were still ticking strong.



Day 3 brought tangled jungles and mossy ground covering that was so soft that the guys would sink into knee-deep mud that left them covered in leeches with every step. (Never thought we’d be saying this, but the Field Watch is not only mud-proof… but it’s officially leech-proof, as well.) Machetes became their new best friends and despite their best efforts to hack their way through the jungle, it was simply too treacherous and too arduous, so they had to turn back and reassess their mountain access point.



From there, the guys and their Field Watches tackled canyons, scaled waterfalls, crossed icy rivers, hiked up glaciers, and found themselves ice climbing up towards the summit of the mountain only to have to call it a few pitches from the top. The entire expedition was not for naught though, the guys were able to ski and snowboard down, which had been part of their goal the entire time. And once again, their Field Watches passed every single test that was thrown their way.



And of course, it wouldn’t be a true adventure if getting back home was easy. After making their way back to the beach and boarding a small fishing boat, right as a storm started. An iPhone was lost, people were knocked over, Erich belly-flopped his way onto the boat… and the guys set off towards Chaiten, on a tiny vessel… in a storm that had them cowering in the small cabin, covered in garbage bags. But they made it and the Field Watches proved to be as solid and durable as they come and more than capable of keeping up with even the most epically chaotic backcountry exploits. So when we say Adventure Everywhere, we literally mean everywhere. The Field Watch will have your back.


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