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Posted on September 20 2019


What's the problem, why is it a problem, and what is being done about it?
We launched our Limited Edition Do Good Shit Collection with the goal of raising awareness about the human waste affecting our remote parks and forests and funds to fix the problem. By and large the biggest issue, aside from the quantity of poo, is how it is (or isn't) being disposed of.

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Let us break this down for you. Human waste doesn't naturally compost the way animal waste does – in fact, we're the only mammal that pees and poops in the same place. It's convenient for us, yes. But it's really inconvenient for the environment. When our byproducts are mixed, especially in the outdoors, the resulting compounds are toxic and can have detrimental effects on water systems in the surrounding ecosystems. When we, well, use the bathroom in the outdoors, our combined byproducts are (at best) typically buried or composted, which does not allow for the proper breakdown of materials. This results in an unsanitary sludge containing pathogenic bacteria and dangerous heavy metals.

So what's the solution? We caught up with Taylor Zehren and Thor Retzlaff of Team Intrepid and Do Good Shit to see what they are doing about the, errr... poop problem. There are a few solutions that various researchers are looking into but one of our favorites is Toilet Tech's super toilets which feature a urine diversion system. A whatawhata? Basically, liquid waste goes one way and solid another. When you divert the waste in this way, the solids have an opportunity to properly decompose.  It almost seems too simple, doesn't it? But it's not. For the past 5 years, they've been doing a case study in Smith Rock State Park, Oregon where one of the toilet buildings features a wood chip fed ""composting"" toilet on one side and a foot pedaled Toilet Tech commode on the other side. They've served side by side as a comparison to see which solution works better and it has become apparent that Toilet Tech's urine-diverting toilet is by far more effective. The park is seeing rapid improvement and the feedback on the toilet 

has been outstanding.

So, now that we know the Toilet Tech system is helping to address the problem at hand, Taylor and Thor have been working their asses off to install these super toilets so you can do your business without damaging the environment. And they need our help to keep the movement going! That's why 1% of every One Eleven watch sold goes to helping fund Do Good Shit so they can continue to identify areas with big poop problem and install the solution... so we can all continue enjoying our favorite alpine regions.

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